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Pakistani Harvard student refuses to receive award from US Ambassador

As my brother in Pakistan tells me, Pakistanis are talking about Pakistani Harvard student Samad Khurram, who declined to receive an award at Roots Academy from U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson in protest of US policies and actions, such as the bombing in Mohmand Agency.

He’s been in the papers and all over virtual Pakistan. It may seem like a great deal of talk for a mere gesture. A number of um, patriotic Americans may even find such gestures infuriating. I believe, however, that gestures such as these may vent some of the great frustration that the less powerful in the world feel toward US imperialistic policies. Such gestures enable them to hold their heads up high again for a bit, and, – well, – keep the peace a bit longer. Thank God for these gestures, at this moment in time. I don’t expect that anyone who should pay attention is paying attention to them, unfortunately.

6 thoughts on “Pakistani Harvard student refuses to receive award from US Ambassador”

  1. Thanks for correcting the incorrect subject line, Zack. I’ve fixed the error. The award was from his school, though it was being handed over by the Ambassador.

  2. I would be going against your views. Here is what Samad told the US Ambassador:
    “I refuse to accept this award in protest against the recent US strike on the tribal areas, and its support to unconstitutional acts of Pervez Musharraf”

    His views are clear and his protest is not against the school.

  3. If he was a true believer he wouldn’t have gone to that Western infidel institution run by Zionists where the focus is on converting believers and plotting to rule the world…

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