A treasure chest for Lahore-lovers

Thanks to Baraka, a fellow nostalgic Lahorite, I have found Lahore Nama. The blog is a treasure-chest of jewels for those who love the old, old and very, very modern city of Lahore. Lahore is where I spent most of my life. It is one of the largest cities in Pakistan, just on the border to India, and the capital city of Punjab province. The river Ravi runs through it (or one should use the past tense, given the state of the river), and it is the scene of tremendous academic, religious, literary and cultural activity.

I am a denizen of the city – my father, who was born and raised there, describes himself as a “Lahore ka keera” (literally, a bug of Lahore, which means one who knows the city like the back of his hand). I still yearn for it everyday, and whenever I return, I discover secrets and jewels tucked away in its dusty streets and along its willow-lined canal banks. Mughal monuments, Sufi shrines, colonial architecture, the lively world of the inner city and the oh-so-chic world of the upper-classes – Lahore has everything.

7 thoughts on “A treasure chest for Lahore-lovers”

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  2. Ah, what a city
    thats why they say
    Jinnay lahore naiyn wekhiya oh jammiyai naiyn
    (Whever has not seen Lahore has not been born)
    Interesting that one born in London prefers to be ‘lahorite’
    All places seen have lots of memories ingrained on my old memory.
    This time when I was there I took pictures of Govt. College, its “oval” and the “new hostel’ (which is, of course old) because so many of those memories are locked in these places, as I drive past them now. I must check myself otherwise I’ll start babbling on….

  3. My pleasure, Raza. How will I contribute, poor fossilized expat that I am? All right, I’ll try. 🙂

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