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“What are we going to do about American women?”

Enjoy my new (satirical! satirical!) post at Religion Dispatches.

“We have to liberate them. We have to let them know that their way of life is evil at its core. Years of subjugation and conditioning have rendered them incapable of desiring something better. We have to empower them to hate their civilization, their culture, their people, their norms of gender and sex.

“Yes, I appreciate that it is an enormous undertaking, but since what we have to offer is so much better, surely it cannot be that hard. We have to teach them that they should abandon the men they trust and obey–all of them …”

8 thoughts on ““What are we going to do about American women?””

  1. Well, considering the polarizing opposites regarding the bias to one or another extreme, …technically, women must realize that there are at least seven women for every male on this planet…that in itself gives them tremendous odds at finding another significant other if they desire the companionship of a man.
    Also, there is pay discrepancy, of about 73 cents to every dollar a man gets paid for doing the same work. This statistic has remained static for at least a generation that I’ve recognized.
    I get the impression of the satirical use of the word evil…compared of course to the liberating efficacy of the polar opposite…of course I’m biased and not very much into satire, I find to much of an alternative press in college towns of venues to be frequented interspersed with much too much denigrating social satire of which I usually find to be too smug for my tastes and generally self defeatist.

  2. 7 women to every man?

    We would have noticed by now! Where are they all hiding!!!

    You wouldn’t be able to tell by the amount of women int his country working to support their children because the men won’t pay child support!!!!

  3. BTW, I believe in good men – I am a SAHM and I am very lucky.

    There are good men, and the possibility of being a good man exists for every man, if he chooses to be righteous.

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