Restore the Judiciary


This is Black Flag week. As CM says, “The point is simple enough: Pakistan needs a return to Law now that the elections have happened and the people have spoken.”


3 Replies to “Restore the Judiciary”

  1. I am actually all for the restoration of judiciary but I cringe my teeth every time I see it being portrayed as the all end solution for Pakistan. On the contrary, the judicial branch of Pakistan is as corrupt as any other institution and their recent charge against a dictator (which I dislike equally) doesn’t wash away their past incompetence and injustice. Its much like the uplifting of the late Baynazir’s status to a saint, forgetting and forgiving her down right third grade governmental skills, her feudalistic ways and not to mention Mr. 10%!

  2. you are so right Ahmad !!

    Before March 9, 2007 these judges were partner in crime with a dictator – what you call in urdu ‘hum-piyala aur hum-niwala’

    Mr 10% will soon be mr 100% and PM of country..innah lillahi…..

    Aage aage dekiye hota hai kiya..

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