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How do Muslim women court and marry? A new literary anthology

Baraka has a promising new literary project in the pipeline that I’m excited to offer a plug for here. If you are American, Muslim and a woman, consider writing about your courtship and marriage for this anthology.

Enough has been said *about* Muslim women. Let them speak of their own lives themselves.

Hurry! The deadline is January 15th.

4 thoughts on “How do Muslim women court and marry? A new literary anthology”

  1. Yeah, they want interesting stories though. Your story is interesting. I’m a desi who married a desi. Our parents introduced us. We talked. We liked each other. Baath Pakki. Mangni. Shaadi. Done. I mean seriously, even I want to go take a nap after writing that! 🙂

  2. LooooooooL Aisha! No no no, that is interesting, too, to people who don’t allow their parents to even meet their friends, let alone choose a family into which to marry…people who (gasp) DATE. Surprisingly, I have met with very little interest from people of “interesting” marriages in a similar project. Maybe, actually, the editors want all of us, for comparison?
    As an outsider, I’m fascinated by the process…what are you thinking when your parents tell you they have someone for you to meet? How many times does it happen? If you don’t really like the guy, are they going to let you say “no”? If YOU bring the guy, like ms. Koonj here, what will they say? I’ll see if my husband is willing to pass this along to his sisters. I think THEIR story would be a great contribution.

  3. …nevermind. I read the submission page. They (the sisters) live overseas. I am terribly interested in reading, though! So everyone, please contribute! I’ll still try to pass the word!

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