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“Daughter of the West”

Sorry for taking so long to post this article from Tariq Ali in the “London Review of Books.” I’ve had it in my inbox for a while now (thanks, Ahmed), but it’s an interesting read.

The title is a play on the title of Benazir Bhutto’s autobiography “Daughter of the East.”

“A triumvirate consisting of her husband, Asif Zardari (one of the most venal and discredited politicians in the country and still facing corruption charges in three European courts), and two ciphers will run the party until Benazir’s 19-year-old son, Bilawal, comes of age. He will then become chairperson-for-life and, no doubt, pass the post on to his children. The fact that this is now official does not make it any less grotesque. The Pakistan People’s Party is being treated as a family heirloom, a property to be disposed of at the will of its leader. Both Pakistan and the People’s Party deserve better than this medieval charade.

“Benazir’s last decision was in the same autocratic mode as the ones that went before it; her approach – tragically – cost her her life. Had she heeded the advice of some party leaders and not agreed to the Washington-brokered deal with Pervez Musharraf or, later, decided to boycott his parliamentary election, she might still be alive. Her last gift to the country does not augur well for its future.”

2 thoughts on ““Daughter of the West””

  1. amen. I even heard today on npr, the speaker actually speaking in admirable tones about this dynasty. He actually used the word dynasty. He also said that Bhuttos husband was notorious for being “madly in love” with his wife. GAG.

    Its very disturbing, more disturbing is how we can say in the US she was a champion for democracy when her party is anything but, and her vision in her decree speaks otherwise.

  2. It’s weird how people actually have different notions about women back home based on Bhutto herself, I told an Ethopian-Canadian guy that my mom never worked, he was shocked, “but Bhutto, she was a female, didn’t she run the country”

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