That wi-fi connection could actually be a *bad* thing

Are you reading this blog on a wi-fi connection? I know it’s enjoyable, but how long have you been sitting in front of that laptop? See an article on the effects of wireless connections.

Do I see a lot of people putting their fingers in their ears and chanting loudly “lalalalala …”

(Hat tip to Afia Khan. )

4 thoughts on “That wi-fi connection could actually be a *bad* thing”

  1. That paper is about cellphone GSM frequencies that are used in the US. Wi-fi has very different frequencies.

    Also, they exposed the subjects to worst case RF on the left hemisphere of the head for 3 hours.

  2. Salams. SubhanAllah i also happened to read an article on a similar subject – the link between cells/cordless/wifi and Autism.

    See this site for ways to minimize your EMR exposure ā€“ to decrease hazardous risks. above all don’t let kids hold cell phones.

    This is scary, may Allah protect us all.

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