Cranky Eid outside the blogosphere

Note: I started this poem on Eid day when I found myself sitting on the deck alone in the afternoon (we live in a small community and it’s hard getting a group together). If you don’t find your name mentioned in this poem, don’t be surprised. It was probably for the lack of a rhyme.
I could’ve spent Eid sharing Spanish-
Urdu jokes with my Gulnar.
She could’ve taught me to embroider
a cozy for my car.

If only I’d been able to
get Baraka, Shaz, Muse, Leila here,
we’d talk religion all day long
and not let Lawrence grab a beer.

Nothing could beat an Eid if filled
with Samosa-tales of spiced surprise –
except if we add Irving‘s wisdom
Punctuated by Ya Haqq cries.

If only I could’ve had my Eid
liberated from time and space,
I’d get the entire blogosphere –
well, the parts I like – face to face.

Cousin, Nermeen and Aaluchat
could all sing us a ghazzaly song.
We’d get them all here instead of adding
Facebook updates all day long.

But here we sit in cafes sniffing
indifferent strangers and coffee beans,
seeking out our distant friends
through keyboards and laptop screens.

14 thoughts on “Cranky Eid outside the blogosphere”

  1. Wow, I am impressed 🙂 The poem is poignant and satirical and very well done 🙂 And thanks for adding me. I thought nothing rhymes with Irving lol.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. aww i’m so flattered that i was mentioned. i often daydream about a blogger coffeeshop rendevouz like the one you so poetically described. now i’m feeling wistful… :/

  3. I sometimes feel like I’m either a freak or a creep for having so many internet “relationships” (“” because, are they real, with no facetime? IF they aren’t real, then what are they?) but really, if I stop beating myself up, I will find that I have mostly good reasons for not having any local pals, and very good reasons for keeping in touch with people who are far away. In the end, I have to just shut it and be grateful that we have internet to keep us connected, because God and all my family knows that I can’t be trusted to put a stamp to an envelope, and then get the envelope into the mailbox on top of that, nor to answer the phooooone.

    Does anyone else really hate to talk on the phone? why is that? I think that, when I spend time with a person, I enjoy sitting somewhere like a porch, with coffee, and having long, comfortable silences…leaving most of the conversation unsaid, and just enjoyed in proximity. I think when I communicate via internet, I assume that we are each sitting together, and not talking until we have something to say, and it’s nice…

  4. aw c’mon, momo rhymes with SO MUCH!
    like..row and foe and doe………?

    its okay, maybe i’ll make it in the eid-al-adha version. although i hope you have many happy, fun-filled, love-filled eids to come inshaAllah!

  5. beautiful. I love poems that rhyme.

    >>And she could’ve taught me to
    >>embroider a cozy for my car.

    The line tickles of me. Gulnar used it in a different context.

  6. Just got in from Amsterdam & catching up on my two fave blogs before passing out from jet lag.

    I wish I was there too – but THANK GOD for the blogosphere. What the heck would I do without you?

    “But here we sit in cafes sniffing
    indifferent strangers and coffee beans,
    seeking out our distant friends
    through keyboards and laptop screens.”


    Too true.

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