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The Shaikh of Bahawalpur

My blog has yielded to me a treasure of connections with souls that I would not have encountered otherwise.
Through one of the comments left at the first post here, I discovered the website of an Italian natural perfume-seller. This person, who writes most engagingly, visited Pakistan to help build easy-to-build homes for the (forgotten) homeless after the earthquake. He also visited Bahawalpur, and as it turned out, knew my shaikh, Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Rabbani (RA).

At his website here, our Italian perfume-maker wrote some words – precious to me – about my shaikh and about his mazar in the town of Allahabad in Bahawalpur. I also enjoyed his travelogue about his journey through Kashmir and Pakistan.


9 thoughts on “The Shaikh of Bahawalpur”

  1. hmm a rather uselss question but i want to ask.the blogger called ur sheikh captain.y is that.n kkonj do u mind telling us more abt ur sheikh n the experiance u have as his follower?that will be nice.

  2. Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA) was a captain in british colonial army before partition and he quit the british army during WW2 and it was related to following his shaykh Hazrat Syed Muhammad Zauqi Shah’s (RA) instruction to stop wearing shorts.

    Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA) practically started on sulook after coming to know about Hazrat Zauqi Shah (RA) from an english convert Hazrat Shah Shahid ullah Faridi (RA). Hazrat Shahid ullah Faridi (RA) and his brother Farooq (RA) embraced Islam after reading english translation of Kashful Mahjub before south asia’s partition, then travelled through north africa, middle east and finally south asia in search of a Sufi Saint. On their search for a Sufi par excellence they met Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA). Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA) and some other army colleagues were deeply inspired by the english men and they asked the english men if they find a great shaykh then they must also let them know. The english men went on to meet Hazrat Maulana Syed Muhammad Zauqi Shah (RA). The younger brother Farooq (RA) remained with Hazrat Zauqi Shah (RA) for eight years and then succumbed to intense hot climate of sub-continent and was laid to rest within the mausoleum of Hazrat Syed Ali Hajweri (RA). The elder brother Hazrat Shahid ullah Faridi (RA) remained with Hazrat Zauqi Shah (RA), married to his daughter until Hazrat Zauqi Shah (RA) passed away in 1951.

    Through Hazrat Shahid ullah Faridi (RA), Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial (RA) was introduced to Hazrat Zauqi Shah (RA) and remained in his service for more than 15-20 years (if i remember the facts correctly).

    Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA) wrote many books in urdu, english and translated some books from persian to urdu. Most of his (and his spiritual order’s) books can be bought from here

    I’ve only met him 3-4 times that too in in my teens. I know him by the intense love, care he has for his deciples and by the his writings. He is a True Chisti!

    Its not just with any one shaykh but with every Wali ALLAH, the more time you spend with him the more experience and spiritual progress you have. Unless and until the shaykh due to ALLAH’s will starts to give beneficence on owaisi line(without physical company of the shaykh).

    Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA) was always brimming with humility. Thats why none of us is aware of his spiritual state, his secret, except those who are blessed with power of manifestation and shown by Hazrat Sahab.

    Koonj baji has posted a detailed description of her first experience with Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA) (on her last blog link). I’ve tried to look for it over here but couldnt find it. May be she can link it over here.

    But still anyone can know Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA) if he/she reads his books sincerely. Thats how me and my mother decided to take oath of allegiance at his blessed hands after reading his books and realizing his perfection and grandeur.

    May ALLAH sanctify his soul Ameen.

  3. hello koonj (its ur real name?)
    i m farukh from need to tell you that u r doing a great job but please tell us about Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Rabbani (RA) and how u meet with him and how u became his mureed.
    i will wait for a complete article about Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Rabbani (RA)…………..

  4. mashallah, what is written here is so true of hazrat wahid.
    so unassuming and humble and such a great man. we miss his physical presence so dearly

  5. A.A

    Nice to see the peole related to HAzrat Wahid BAkhsh Sial Sabri. I am also Bayat in Sabri order abd we used to read books written by or translated by CApt. Sb.

    Please confirm that Malfozat of Hazrat Abdul Quddus Gangohi was translated by CApt Sb or not? or do you people have the original copy with you.

    Please respond on my email.


  6. allah allah kiya hi piyri shakhsiyt hein..ap ki chand books pari hein mein ny..very informative..ap aik muhaqiq hein..bara shuak ap k mazar ki ziyrat ka…but bohat door hein..

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