Baby school

When Lear said “O sharper than a serpent’s tooth,” I believe he was referring to a toddler, who was trying out her 7 new teeth on her parent, resting from a sinus headache and a day of work.

Some of the things Raihana does do not hurt so very much though. For instance, the other day, she popped inside my room, pulled the door to, and started chanting “ALLAH! ALLAH! ALLAH!” obviously imitating my private devotions.

I’m always struck by how much she seems to know and understand. I can refer by name/description to a book, and she picks it up. I assume she hasn’t absorbed that much, but she has. I guess I’d better watch my language now.

3 thoughts on “Baby school”

  1. 1) YES. Watch your language.

    2) Hearing baby chanting Allah! must be the cutest thing in the world. I think I would tear up. I love watching babies try the world.

    3) My kitten recently got her big girl teeth, and I found one of the kitten fangs on the floor. DH showed it to her, and she promptly tried to eat it. I wonder if that’s where the rest of them went. Be happy that your baby doesn’t do that.

  2. My favorite literary explanation of how children notice things about their parents, often resulting in emotional distress for the latter, is the story of the Scarlet Letter, by Nathanial Hawthorne. He does a phenomenal job of showing Hester’s terror, pain, sorrow, and anger at her daughter Pearl’s constant notice of the A she wears on her chest to mark her sin of adultery.

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