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Irfani (Sufi) Quranic exegesis!

I’m terribly excited on having found Sufi exegesis online. Check out my find.

I’m excited because I’m tired of unsatisfying exoteric/Islamist translation+exegesis, funded by Wahhabi money, that makes its way to every mosque in every country. If you REALLY want to make it big, they’ll hand you Ibn Kathir. Me, I was raised on Maudoodi’s Tafheemul Quran: it gave me some good FAQ-type knowledge but also provided me with a profoundly deep thirst for what REALLY this was all about. Surely it couldn’t be JUST this. And yet for many, it worked. Plus, much or most of Irfani commentary remains untranslated.

For those who will not be content, check this out. If I find anything else, I’ll let you know. If you find anything, tell me.

But please: no more dry, factual attempts at fitting the entirety of Reality into the small box of your five senses and your concrete world. I’ve had it with all that.

Update: Via Yunus and Shams I found Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal’s tafseer of the last two ajza available here.

5 thoughts on “Irfani (Sufi) Quranic exegesis!”

  1. Hiya Koonj – tried posting a comment but IE died on me, so I hope I am not double posting.

    I looked at this, but found it hard to follow…a little too much dissection going on, which only says that I have never attempted a fully academic study of the Quran.

    What do you think of Muhammed Asad’s translation? I know his history, but would be curious to hear how you categorize him…

    As I reflect on my own practise this ramadan, one thing is awfully clear to me: it’s not so much which translation I read (when I have the taufiq to read!) – unfortunately, the deeper issue is that the heart likes ease while, at its simplest, orthodoxy is opposed to ease – and thus a lifelong battle begins. A bird’s eye view of the situation reveals no one party to be totally superior…but certainly my own self to be quite lacking, no matter which yardstick I use. That is the sorrow of it all.

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