If you were a hybrid

Shakespeare’s Sister asks the question: If you could become a human-animal hybrid, with what animal would you be crossed?

I should respond crane, but my real aesthetic love is of the feline kind. I’d like to have the grace, the stunning beauty, and the power of a panther or a tiger. Maybe simple hybridization will solve the problems of a short woman with a tendency to dress um casually.

What about you?

3 thoughts on “If you were a hybrid”

  1. Obviously, I can’t avoid pointing out that such hybridization is sort of possible – on Second Life. Now that’s one addiction I’m a long way from kicking. One of my “alts” there is feline also, a leopard, but not hybrid. His name is Shahid Jinn! Buthe does have a hybrid self, but he only appears when provoked by Islamophobes, at which point he morphs into a 10 metre wide hybrid human- metallic_spider. There is a part of me that is forever 12. 🙂

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