Unlikely reimbursement

“When I’m old and grey, and I’ve mentioned my arthritis for the fifteenth time, don’t snap at me, because that is the twentieth time today I’ve sat here with a bright smile waiting for you to finish doing peekaboo from behind the crib.”


4 Replies to “Unlikely reimbursement”

  1. I know it sounds a bit tragic, but I play all these peekaboo kind of games with Joel, aged 14 (severe autism). Like many severely autistic children, his social development is at the level of the infant, whereas in other cognitive areas he is more advanced – that is essentially what autism is. And after doing for this over a decade with the same child, billions of times over, on the point of insanity, you become a little child yourself. Then it becomes wonderful fun!

    But you can’t do that with non-disabled toddlers. They don’t want a grown up behaving like an infant – that would be a bit scarey!!

  2. With my limited reading, I would have known very little about autism if it hadn’t been for you, Yakoub,- thank you for that. It does sound tragic but you don’t want to hear that I know, – It doesn’t seem like it could but I also know you’re sincere in saying it becomes wonderful fun!

    The whole thing gets very tiring for me, but the delight on her face persuades me to keep at it.

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