15th of Sha’ban

Tonight the 15th of Sha’ban starts, a night of worship and prayer. Two weeks remain for the start of Ramadan. Here are some 15th of Sha’ban recommended observances.

3 Replies to “15th of Sha’ban”

  1. I thought you will remind us of “Shubrat”.
    I have stopped ‘celebrating’ and no halva either. Reasons are that the ahadees for this night to spend in prayer only weak ahadees (two of them)
    There is only one Shab-e-Bar’at or shab-e-qadr and that is in Ramadhan starting from 21st (or 17th night also some say), or 23rd, 25th or 27th Ramadhan, the last one favoured most.
    My reason is strong–Surah Qadr, (97th sura). There can be nodoubt which is this night of Qadr. Same things are reportedly being attributed to the 15th of Sh’aban and same thing is repeated in the first 5 ayat of Sura Dukhan (44th) which refers to that night of qadr.
    This is confirmed by Ibn-eKathir as well as MM Shafi marhoom (Ma’arif-ul-Qur’an). You may find similar things in others like Tafheem.
    Why on the basis of weak ahadees these charachteristics of Qadr were attributed to 15th of Shaban and when it took up the full ‘celebration’ shape I do not know but since it is a ‘good thing’ to pray all night, nobody, opposed it too much.
    Many Muslims continue to do that and I have no objection but to consider that night as night of Qadr is totally wrong because it clearly is against the Qur’anic teachings detailed in the two surahs I enumerated above.
    The whole month of Sh’aban was spent by the prophet SAWS in so much prayer and so frequent fasting (Ayesha RA attests to that) that She (Ayesha RA) felt he will not break fasting before Ramadhan begins but of course he did.
    Well, Baitee I am writing with the full understanding that you know already what I am saying but many persons read your writing so I thought it might be better I write a short note.
    Just like we pray “sunnah” before Fardh (as if to prepare for the “real Salat”), may be the prophet frequented the fasting during this month more than any other month

  2. Thank you, mamujan for your comments. An excellent occasion for a discussion of this subject.

    The night of qadr is different from bar’aat. I don’t remind people of Shab-e-baraat so they can remember to eat halva in it 🙂 It’s an excellent night for worship and prayer, and most shuyukh recommend reciting Ya-seen 3x during it and istighfar.

    Any difference on this issue, among others, arises due to one’s beliefs either in favour of taqleed or against it, i.e. since the science of hadith is far too complicated for individuals like me, I prefer on matters of worship etc to follow my shuyukh.

    The other thing about ahadith is that a hadith’s status as “weak” does not delegitimate it. That’s not a statement about its entire lack of religious status.

    Even a “new” practice (such as congregational taraweeh) is beautiful because bid’ah is something that is made obligatory that is what is avoided – not something that is recommended/encouraged. So it’s okay to continue it even if one believed that it was not from sunnah (though most Sufi shuyukh believe it to be from sunnah).

    Since additional worship, esp nafil namaz has become so rare among us – busy lives and all – I do feel that we should try to encourage it and be positive about it, on any and all occasions possible, even if it’s based on a weak hadith or one’s desire to commemmorate a loved one’s death or birth – anything, even a day of independence! Ammi used to encourage us to pray nafil on our birthdays as ‘shukrana.’ — Anything that brings us closer to Allah is to be valued. And the Sufi shuyukh, the Friends of God, who know far better than I, do value the 15th of Sha’aban highly.

    No, it is not obligatory. But ‘man tatawwa’a khairan fa huwa khairan lahu’ (whoever wants more good, it is better for him.)

  3. Yes, you are right. In Punjab they refer to shabrat as shab-qadar also and what I have written is also true some people do write Mid Ramzan as shab Qadr.
    As I said before weak hadees is for considering this night as when life and other things are decided for the people on this night which is wrong those are all decided on Lailat-ul-Qadr in Ramadhan
    But as far as praying all night etc. there is no negative and I would not consider it Bid’ah like the Good Bid’ah of Taraweeh which is done by Omer RA and he called it good Bid’ah.
    Like you say it is mustahab and it happens to be the middle of the ‘white nights’ of that month anyway (13th,14th 15th nights are also recommended for prayers and the days for fasting of each month.. There is no doubt about “lot of fasting and extra night praying during Sh’aban and I agree should be reminded and left as optional like you did, so May Allah SWT reward you for that.
    I just talked to Zarina , so sweet of her to call about her bhabi. You should not have told her about Sarwat’s ‘sickness’. These are just bad symptoms recurring every now and again except this time they are kind of dragging on too long and she is disturbed.
    Love you. Muasa is trying to say “gogert’ for yogert, we just learnt. He is in Nove Scotia right now, having fun with his parents.
    Hassan just turned 31 today and I sent him— well I’ll send you also, so you all can see.

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