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Photos of the International Islamic University, Islamabad

Regular readers know that I was invited to participate in a lecture program at the International Islamic University this summer.

Here are a few photos of the architecture. There are several blocks of buildings, in similar style, with very pretty courtyards at the center. Apologies for my amateur photography and the lack of panoramic view. Anyone sufficiently frustrated with my photography who wants to send me a Digital SLR camera, let me know, and I’ll put it on my Amazon wishlist.


A view of the hills surrounding Islamabad:


A doorway:


Doorways at the center of each building open to courtyards, a refreshing surprise to the eyes:


A truncated view of the courtyard (whenever you can get that SLR in the mail …) with a flavour of lush summer foliage.


A bit of detail glinting in the afternoon sun:


For those of you wondering what the big deal is about the building, remember this university was where I first started teaching, so the nostalgic value for me is huge. Also, the building I taught in was this nondescript, somewhat run-down residential house (rented by the university for the women’s classes) opposite Jinnah Supermarket in F-7:



42 thoughts on “Photos of the International Islamic University, Islamabad”

  1. Interesting pics. Didn’t realize the IUI had moved. I particularly like the courtyards, so reminiscent of the classical madrassa’s.

  2. Careful, Zack. That could be a very expensive Eid gift. 😉

    Yes, I enjoyed it too, Chaiwala. Yes, they’ve had a new custom built campus for soe years, and most of the old campus at Faisal Mosque has moved to this one. This was the first time I saw it though.

  3. Manas, there are other faculty too eg Economics, Int’l Relations (I think), Computer Science, etc.

  4. The architecture used to construct the Islamic University Building is reminiscent of the Mughal legacy.

  5. nice pics but i thnk u r not thnking abt the old campus near faisal mosque which has much more beauti in it……….

  6. It’s amazing, now a days i m looking for universities to take admission. I was decided first to take admission in another university but now i chose IIUI is’s my final decision.

  7. Nice pics, but if there are some students standing infront of the University will make the Scene much nicer. hope you upload such pics in the future.

  8. Good Pictures.
    But I’ve better pics that I made during my studies at IIU.I’m in last semester of M.A. English and can provide pics if anyone wants.My email is
    By the way would you like to tell me who you are.

  9. wow… really miss my university, my lovely teachers, friends, even thou i have far away from Islamabad but still I do love pakistan even I am not pakistani

    love you friends of ushuluddin dept
    nisa, indonesian:)

  10. can some one let me know how an Afghan i student can get Admission in international Islamic University????????

  11. Nice pictures but not enough to cover the beauty of IIUI. I still miss IIUI and my friends in Maths deptt.

  12. wo pal yaad aye ge
    hamae kal yaas aye ge!!!
    iiui has changed alot FMS has become GSM and has been shifted to dawah in front of C and D blocks of boys hostel,its a nice attempt of our is that iiui is conducting a semminar this saturday and any one can join us their with an entry ticket of 250:) it will be a gr8 activity there

  13. hi .gals and guyz…..islamic …………………..fasntastic………no doudt zabardast building………….

  14. IIUI is one of the best uni in the world!

    With huge and Beautiful Buildings and COool Greenary too!!!

  15. i found islamic university very badlly.i spent in this university too much time
    i hate this university
    it destory our happiness and confidence
    passing Criteria is depend one teacher student relalionship if ur teacher is good with u he or she will pass u in A grade
    so dont take addmission in this hell

  16. damn this university is awsome. the pics look great whoever took them good effort. get a better view next time : )

  17. great
    no one like this
    every one should admire this.
    but still we need improvement……………………………..!

  18. salam ,
    its relly nice university .a nd i aslso decided to take admission at this university.

  19. Dear Sana,

    I think that you’ve been a dull student here. cause teachers here who taught me give marks according to your ability.

    but BTW the univ has the great building, good learning atmosphere, no damn shit activities and much strong culture..

    Like it. but some improvement in administration is needed though. thanks.

  20. really marvelous, MASHA ALLAH our university is really very beautiful ,may ALLAH’S fortune smile on all uni teachers and students .

  21. hi Sana,
    tum ny jo kaha hy hmri uni kay bary mai to ya ghalt hy kuyn ky koi institute js ka hum part hoty hy wo mother ke tarah hota hy r apni maa ko bura bhala kehna acha nae ma ny aisa islia kaha kyun ky mera experience yahe kehta hy……….bt anywayz be +ve about uni….okie: )

  22. i love international islamic university tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much it is tooo much beautiful.i love its building ,cafe, hostel, central liberay,teachers , buses ,and much more.i think there is no other university like my islamic university.i never ever forget it.Inshalah

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