Ammi almost 40 and baby has a potty victory

This may not be the most appetizing of subjects, but Raihana had a potty victory today. Svend gets all the credit. Today, August 21st at 8am, baby made her first potty in the potty. Svend took all the initiative (I had delivered a lecture on the subject the day before): he sat with her, reading “The velveteen rabbit” and the slide-and-seek “Shapes” book (which she loves) all the way through until she was done, and she did not get up until a potty had been done.

I suspect the key is to find her when she’s just a tiny bit groggy, when she’s disinclined to run around in circles and would rather just sit somewhere.
As the baby starts potty training, mother is on her way to reading glasses. When the optometrist took no interest in my complaints of poor reading vision, the realization slowly seeped into my mind that reading glasses were available without prescription, and that I’d just have to pick them off a rack, and that a doctor wouldn’t help me with that. It was one of those things that you don’t know, but you sort of gather by osmosis. And so I went for a follow-up eye exam, and realized on the chair that it was a rather wasted visit.

As the baby screamed in terror (freaked either the elderly optometrist or the machinery), the optometrist did make a quip about the big 4-0 though. I had always believed the adage “you’re only as old as you think,” but reading glasses really are not a matter of thought – (though I’m sure I could find some people who could persuade me that it was).

Almost-forty, peering at small print, raising a baby and jump-starting a career, – it isn’t exactly fabulous, but it could always be worse.


6 Replies to “Ammi almost 40 and baby has a potty victory”

  1. I hear ya. :-/ Still, you know what they say about 40 being the new 30. Right.

    Btw Ammi (and Svend), congratulations, you done good. 🙂

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