Life is work and work is life

These days I’m reading “Concentric Circles: Nurturing Awe and Wonder in Early Learning” by Elma Harder (published by Al-Qalam). Dr Ansari at the Islamic Research Institute gave it to me to review for the journal “Islamic Studies.” I’ve only read one chapter so far, but I enjoy it. Without providing a full review – basically because I haven’t written one – I recommend it to educated parents and to teachers of young learners.

Now that I’ve read a chapter of this book and a few pages of Goffman’s “Stigma,” and responded to 6 emails, I need to return home to take over the baby shift. I love the baby but I do miss having an entire day to work with. Granted, before the baby I used to spend a certain number of hours playing at ebay, craigslist, a couple of mailing lists, and even browsing (without shopping much) malls. After the baby one must be far more economical in the choice of activities, so that one can get work done.

I do declare that the word work has taken over my entire life. Since I moved to the US, I swear this must be the word I have heard/spoken the most. Work is all. Work is the soul, the mind, the body. Work is direction. Work is meaning. Work is life. Work is me. Work is you. Work is everything.

Work is our means of connection. Work is our way to avoiding connection.

Work is what we use to eliminate all non-work. Work is the empty space we create. Work is what we use to fill the empty space with.

I’d better get back to work. This blog is only partially non-work.  


2 Replies to “Life is work and work is life”

  1. Couple of quick thoughts. I’ve read that many Europeans feel that Americans have the wrong attitude towards work and life. They work to live; we live to work. Is this true? Sometimes when I’m hustling hither, thither, and yon, I think it is!

    At the same time, I think of Freud who said that what comprises life (or what’s important in life) are work and love. I try to keep them balanced since I too believe both to be cornerstones of a healthy (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, socially) life.

    To Ya Haqq, someone said the same thing about exercise, but I can’t recall who it was. Mark Twain maybe?

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