Pakistan zindabad!

14 August 1947.

As Pakistanis wonder where the superpower’s military adventures will take it next, they take time to celebrate their 60th anniversary of independence. Here are a few photos from the motherland to celebrate. Excuse the quality and the poor skill level: they’re all my personal digital photos from my trip this summer.

1. Lahore’s busy roads as the sun sets over a mosque minaret:


2. A sticker on a car proclaims “We are protected in the blood of Jesus!” – please read Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan.


3. Policemen, half-smiling at the photographer (me), seeking refuge from the afternoon June sun in the shade of a lovely, fragrant, and not very manly champa tree (frangipani?).


4 Replies to “Pakistan zindabad!”

  1. what, no cars loaded with boys and covered with flags going up and down the Mall? My Abu used to take us for a drive to see the lights, then we’d end up at Liberty having a cone ice cream from Quality Stores! Ah, the good old days.

    Yes, it is franjipani. I only know cos we had it in Nigeria too.

  2. Dear Shabana,
    many thanks for sharing the pics. And a belated jashan azadi mubarak to you. I only went to Pakistan once and intend to go again next year,inshallah. I shall take your advice with me.

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