This is the new home of Koonj

5 Replies to “This is the new home of Koonj”

  1. AoA Baji

    In your last blog website you have written on Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial Chisti Sabri (RA), but there’s nothing here.

    I was just searching on Hazrat Wahid Baksh Sial (RA) and saw your website. Hazrat sahab (RA) is also my shaykh.

    Have u been able to visit hazrat sahab’s (RA) mazar yet?

    In your last website you spoke about sharing an account of his passing away. Were you there or someone else related the account to you. I also have an account of his Wisaal. That was written to me by one of his closest murida Tehzeeb Nani (i call ker nani since she’s my grandmother’s age).

    I would like to read what you have.

    You can view Hazrat ji’s (RA) mazar on this site.


  2. Hasan, assalam alaykum – and thank you so much for those beautiful pictures. I have never been to Hz Saheb’s mazar due to a combination of circumstances. Tehzeeb Auntie is my very good friend, and yes, I wasn’t in the country at the time of his wisaal.

    Welcome here, and please stay to chat about Hz saheb. I know no fellow mureeds in the US.

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